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Gwent Energy CIC is the solution to your community energy and domestic energy needs. Now with solar battery storage!

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Winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award 2016 by Zokit, South Wales Business Growth Awards, Thurs 10th March 2016

'CIC' means community interest company, and as a CIC we are strictly regulated on profits and assets.
Click here for more information on CICs.

Gwent Energy was started as a CIC for one main reason - to help communities.
This, together with our passion for the environment means we can help local people and the environment.

We can help you with your community energy project.

Our Aug 2016 newsletter can be found here.

After installing a 4kw extension:
"Thanks for the huge effort put in by Gwent Energy to install our new solar panels before the December deadline.
This will result in a considerable saving on our electricity spend."
- Centre Director for Bridges Community Centre at Monmouth, Jan 2016

Who are we?

Phil Powell director of Gwent Energy CIC a not for profit company in Chepstow, South Wales with Haydn Cullen Jones of Bridges Monmouth and Transition Monmouth

Phil Powell and Haydn Cullen-Jones
Director and founder of Gwent Energy, Phil is passionate about the environment and community energy projects.
Investor Club Trustee and Chairman at Bridges, Haydn helps keep the club transparent, and shares Phil's passion with community energy.
Ant Perrett installer for Gwent Energy and professional Tree Surgeon for South Wales

Anthony Perrett

GECIC's second shareholder, Anthony is one of Gwent Energy's installers.

Sue Parkinson Environmental Advisor Monmouth

Sue Parkinson
Trustee and club secretary, Sue ensures all payments are correct and paid on time.
Her website can be found at
Cyrene Powell insync-coding Web Design bee friendly chairperson Chepstow and Abergavenny

Cyrene Powell
Web and office manager, Cyrene keeps the website up-to-date and handles all social media.
Her website can be found at
Phil Graham PG Electrics Abergavenny

Phil Graham
A self employed electrician, Phil handles our daily wiring for Solar and Battery installations.
His website can be found at

After retro-fitting optimizers on their PV system:
"Just to let you know that we have made 20% more electricity in the first third of this year in comparison with 2015."
- Trustees for Mitchel Troy Village Hall, near Monmouth, Apr 2016

What do we do?

  1. Find suitable community buildings or sites for PV (Photovoltaic) systems or pellet boilers.
  2. Get local people to invest.
  3. Share extra profits with local communities and charity organisations.
  4. Help lower bills and keep money in local areas.
  5. Start a local community energy revolution!

Because we really care about our work, we also do domestic and commercial systems for a fair price!
Contact us for a quote.

Climate Change Comic from USA Today Comic by Joel Pett, USA Today.

We set up an Investors' Club, run by trustees.

An array of other services!

Solar & Wind Battery Backup Systems

We're proud to announce our most requested project - (almost) off-grid battery backup systems.

We currently have 3 installs available to view by the public.

Note: Batteries are installed by kWh. e.g 6kWh is 1kW for 6 hours or 6kW for 1 hour.
Note 2: Lead acid batteries only able to discharge to 50%. Lithium batteries able to discharge by 80%.
  1. Bream (Growatt System): 4kw PV Panels with 4 batteries (4kWh installed, 2kWh useable).
  2. Available to view by visiting
    Username: investor Password: investor123 and enter the verification code provided underneath the text boxes.

  3. Pencelli (Victron System): 4kw PV with 4 batteries installed (6kWh installed, 3kWh useable).
  4. Available to view by visiting
    Pencelli's Battery System Graph
    Click the picture to view it larger.

  5. Trelleck (Victron System): 4 kw PV & 6kw Wind with 12 batteries (12kWh installed 6kW useable).
  6. Available to view by visiting
    Trelleck's Battery System Graph
    Click the picture to view it larger.

"Renewable energy comes from sources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as wind or solar power."

What have we done?

Not only do we financially support community organisations, we also invest our personal time into helping them grow.

Transition Chepstow
Bridges Community Centre
SARA Lifeboat Station
Devauden Village Hall
Eco Open Doors
Bee Friendly Monmouthshire
...and more!

We're open to supporting more groups - get in touch with us.

" Invest in renewable energy systems with us and share in the income these generate. "

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What are we doing next?

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Wellington Baptist Church Logo

100kw Pellet Boiler for
Wellington Church, Somerset

  • Great community orientated church
  • Massive listed building
  • Needs lower energy bills to become sustainable
  • Needs boiler replacement
  • Perfect opportunity for a Wood Pellet Boiler!
100% Complete!


4kw PV System for Bridges Community Centre

  • Hosts majority of Monmouth's community activities
  • Extra electricity bill savings
  • Already has 10kw PV System on roof
  • GECIC has money leftover from last year's installs
  • Perfect opportunity for an extra 4kw system!

100% Complete!

Join the Investors' Club today and become a part of something big!

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec