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Gwent Energy CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company. We provide the advice and installations needed, for your house, business and village hall to save money using renewable energy.

Winners of the Zokit Outstanding Contribution Award 2016 at the South Wales Business Growth Awards Event.

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Why are electric vehicle drivers so smug?

They've bought a car which doesn't purr like a ferrari, which is limited to a hundred miles, takes hours to recharge and looks frumpy. What was Nissan thinking? Good things, it turns out. They come with a little gentle horn to warn other road users of their presence, can do more than a 100 miles and because they are so quiet to drive, wind noise is a serious issue - hence the weird bug-eyed lights. They also come with zero road tax, and (depending on their home tariff) can cost as little as 2p/mile, a tenth of the cost of petrol or diesel. I can start to see why they're so smug. With less moving parts than in your typical car engine, there are less parts to break and thus replace. But they take HOURS to recharge! Luckily, we don't drive our cars 24 hours a day, and there's usually a good 12-16 hours where they're sat undriven on our drives - the perfect recharging time. If you only recharge your phone when the battery is flat, you may want to invest in some more portable chargers, which is sort of what these drivers do. They do not recharge when their battery is flat, they recharge little and often, and research shows they are willing to drive a few extra miles to use a charge point (businesses take note). Coupled with a recharging brake system, it's not uncommon for an electric vehicle driver to manage an extra 30 miles out of their journey.
If they're recharging from a plug in the wall (3kWh) then, from flat, it will take them 7 hours to recharge. If using a typical 7kWh domestic wall charger, then this halves the time to 3.5 hours (Or three and a half Game of Thrones episodes). But as established earlier, they don't recharge from flat.
But that still doesn't quite answer why they are SO smug.
What if they have a solar/photovoltaic system on their house? What if they're getting a free recharge during the day? But they're out during the day showing off their electric car and tooting their little horns at the general public, so surely not. But what if they've bought a battery system to go with their solar, and can recharge for free when they're home from work? Is that why British Gas have raised their prices by 12.5%? Storing your free solar electricity for use when you're home later makes much more sense. Especially if you have an electric vehicle.
That's probably why they're so smug.
Written by Cyrene Powell of Gwent Energy CIC.
Gwent Energy CIC can provide a solar generation system from £1k/kW, battery storage system from £500/kWh, and electric vehicle charger from £150 (including OLEV Grant). More information from our website at or e-mail our director about how ridiculous this article was.

Fully Charged - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who applied and recommended local welsh businesses to apply for the Fully Charged project. Lots of interesting and lively discussion has spurred, and we are now in the process of surveying each applicant's site.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to stay up to date.

Fully Charged - Is Your Business Ready?

Local businesses and venues in the Vale of Usk could be part of a new project to help research the effects of an electric vehicle charger to their company.

A charger will be provided for free, installed, maintained and monitored for one year. At the end of the trial period, businesses are given the option to purchase the charger at a discount, or to have it removed and their site restored for free.

To apply, please fill out this form Alternatively, you can print it and scan it in to us.

More information available from here

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