Solar and battery storage for your home and community

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After installing a 4kW extension..

"Thanks for the huge effort put in by Gwent Energy to install our new solar panels before the January deadline.
This will result in considerable savings on our electricity spend."
- Centre Director for Bridges Community Centre at Monmouth, Jan 2016

Our Popular Services

  • Battery Backup Systems - From £1000
  • Solar iBoost Installs - £250
  • Optimizer Installs - From £400
  • Care Club - £50/yr
  • Investors' Club - From £250
  • Remote Monitors - From £200
  • Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing - From £250

Our family want to install for your family.

We've installed hundreds of Solar PV Systems for homes and businesses - we're pretty good at it now!

Solar & Wind Battery Backup Storage Systems

We're proud to announce our most requested project - (almost) off-grid battery backup systems.

  • If you have renewable energy being generated, this can be stored in battery form for you to use later.
  • Battery storage can be used during power cuts, export limitations or emergency medical use.
  • To read more about the full potential of battery storage for your home, click here.

Abertillery Case Study

Gwent Energy CIC installed a 10kW PV System at Ebenezer Baptist Church during a joint solar and lighting project, to help reduce their bills.

Their bills dropped from £179pm to £29pm.

We're now working on helping them get battery storage, to help reduce their bills even further.

Pencelli System

Victron System: 4kw PV with 4 batteries installed (6kWh installed, 4kWh useable).

Bream System

Growatt System: 4kw PV Panels with 4 batteries (4kWh installed, 2kWh useable).

Username: investor Password: investor123 and enter the verification code provided underneath the text boxes.

Note: Batteries are installed by kWh. e.g 6kWh is 1kW for 6 hours or 6kW for 1 hour.
Note 2: Lead acid batteries only able to discharge to 50%. Lithium batteries able to discharge by 80%.

Trelleck System

Victron System: 4 kw PV & 6kw Wind with 12 batteries (12kWh installed 6kW useable).

After retro-fitting optimizers on their PV system...

"Just to let you know that we have made 20% more electricity in the first third of this year in comparison with 2015."

- Trustees for Mitchel Troy Village Hall, near Monmouth, Apr 2016