COVID-19 and Gwent Energy CIC

How have we adapted our operations?​

As a responsible employer and service provider, Gwent Energy is responding to the current health emergency and the UK Government ‘lock down’ measures to help reduce/slow down the spread of contagion. To safeguard our staff, customers and supporters we would usually meet during the normal course of business, the following arrangements will apply (subject to changes of information received from the Government):

  1. Gwent Energy will only be actively working on –
    1. installations to support essential services – e.g. health and care facilities, food producers and distributors, etc.
    2. installations at unoccupied premises.
    3. repair of systems/equipment where inoperation is causing hardship/distress.
  2. Where we are engaged in operational/installation work appropriate PPE etc will be used, regular hand cleansing and social distancing with any persons at the properties attended will be observed.
  3. For new enquiries, where feasible, we can obtain much of the information we would ordinarily need to provide a quotation directly from our customers, either by answers to survey questionnaires or photos taken by the customer.
  4. New installations at occupied residential properties or workplaces will be placed on hold until further notice.’

Thank you for reading, we hope you and your family stay safe during these difficult times.