Public charge point regulations now being enforced by UK Gov

Gwent Energy CIC were contacted by the Office for Product Safety & Standards in December 2019, and were informed about new regulations now being enforced.

The document called The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations 2017 has been written to “ensure the way that alternative fuels (electricity and hydrogen) are supplied to vehicles or ships is consistent across the UK.

These regulations are aimed at providers of:

  • public electric road vehicle recharging points;
  • public hydrogen road vehicle refuelling points; and
  • shore-side electricity supply installations for seagoing ships operated by a Statutory Harbour Authority.

Some of the regulations include that charge point providers can no longer restrict access to public charge points by using RFID-only cards, and other ad-hoc (unregistered and unrestricted access) payment systems must be provided.

Click here to read the Alternative Fuels Regulations 2017

Gwent Energy CIC are working hard to ensure all of our public community charge points meet these new regulations. However, upgrading comes at a cost to our community funds.

Please consider donating to help us keep our community charge points active.