Cost of Living Summits in Monmouthshire for Community Organisations

This event is part of Monmouthshire’s Community Action Networks and is being hosted by a collective of community-facing organisations including GAVO, Monmouthshire Housing and Monmouthshire Council’s Communities Team.

The cost of living situation is having a very real impact across all of Monmouthshire’s communities.  Our friends and neighbours who might have already been struggling financially are now experiencing pressures which are becoming unmanageable, and others who might have previously thought of themselves as comfortable are now worrying about how to make ends meet.

Whilst the forces that are driving this crisis may seem very distant, we know that in practice it is often the local support of friends, neighbours and community that can help people through these times.  In every part of the county there are dozens of small ways in which people help one another – ranging from working together to buy heating oil in bulk, to community fridges distributing surplus food for free, from school eco-clubs organising school uniform recycling, to credit unions.  With winter fast approaching we want to make sure that we are leaving no one behind, and the Council, together with GAVO and MHA are therefore bringing community groups, faith groups and other active community partners to help us all work together.

  • Magor & Undy, Undy Church and Community Hall, 3rd October
  • Chepstow, Palmer Centre, 5th October
  • Usk & Raglan, Usk Scout Hall, 5th October
  • Caldicot, Bethany Baptist Church, 6th October
  • Monmouth, Bridges Centre, 10th October
  • Abergavenny, Abergavenny Wellbeing Information Centre (former Tourist Information Centre, opposite Aldi).  11th October

All meetings will be held from 6.30pm – 8pm.

Our aim is to bring together as many community groups and projects as possible with the aims of:

  • Sharing the ways that communities are already supporting and helping one another with the cost of living
  • Understanding local need
  • Exploring the opportunities to do more and any support needed to make this happen.

The events are very much focused upon those who are currently taking action in their communities to support through the cost of living crisis (or those who potentially could be). 

Town and community councils play an important role in this, but I’m sure you also appreciate that we wouldn’t wish to overwhelm other groups, which is why we have asked for a representative rather than an open invitation to the full council.  I do hope that one of your members  will be able to attend this important event and I would be grateful if you could confirm attendance.  If there are other groups, projects or individuals that you think should be invited please do pass this invitation on to them (and let us know who they are so we can add them to future lists).

If you would like more information please contact Judith Langdon at