Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility Tour

Next one: Wednesday 28th August 2019 @ 12pm/1pm

We are pleased you would like to join us on this free tour of the Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility.

Please ensure you read all of the below before filling out the form.


As the facility is a large working industrial centre, health and safety is a key priority.

Viridor need to know of any specific health problems you may have (e.g. problems with walking up stairs, asthma, allergies, medication), so they can tailor the tour appropriately.

Most areas have wheelchair access but due to the nature of the site, full access may not be possible.

Visitors are actively discouraged from picking up or touching any items on tour.

Viridor have strict requests that all participants should wear sensible closed footwear (no sandals or other open-toed shoes) which is also sturdy (such as walking boots or trainers with good grip).

Visitors must also wear long sleeves and have legs covered (trousers, leggings or tights only).

Viridor will provide personal protective equipment, and visitors are required to wear these at all times.

This includes: High visibility Vest. Hard hat. Built in radio communication headphones. Safety glasses. Gloves.

There will be a facility where visitors can lock away personal items whilst on tour.
No photography is allowed during the tour without prior permission from Trident Park ERF.

Viridor have a no mobile phone policy on all their ERF sites.

The itinerary has now been sent. Please ring Cyrene on 07738 093696 immediately if you have not received yours.


If you would like to join us on the next one, please email