Set up an Electric Vehicle Charging Network

What are we doing to build an EVCP in Wales?

Installing a reliable EVCP network has not come without it’s challenges. Here, we document the challenges and discussions we have had over the past few years.

Read on to find out what it takes to set up a good EVCP network – we always welcome open discussion and advice!

Locating a site

  • Easy access
  • Owners of site are open to new business and discussions
  • Site has a three phase connection
  • Location of potential charger is a short distance from the three phase connection
  • Site receives good mobile reception
  • Needs as little ground works as possible

Bonus: Site has nearby facilities for customers

Costs and funding

  • How will the equipment and installation costs be paid for?
  • Who owns the electricity and how will it be paid for?
  • Should there be a discount for the local community?
  • Do the land owners want payment for parking, or will they lease the land? How much will this be?
  • Who/How will this be managed to ensure it is running smoothly?
  • Will the EVCP be used often enough to make reasonable payback on the project to pay any lenders?

Setting up the back office

  • What kind of payment system should be used?
  • How will the payment system stay connected?
  • How will this be managed to ensure it is running smoothly?
  • Who will provide refunds in the event of issues with the charger? Is this a 24/7 service? Who will staff it?
  • If the system will be using public grants from Welsh authorities, who will translate the system into Welsh?

Questions or thoughts?

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We’re looking for passionate and knowledgeable members of the public to assist with making these community projects come alive.