How to use our iCS Charge Points

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Charging for Members of the Public

Tintern Old Station | Monmouth Bridges Centre

Chepstow Library | Abergavenny Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Step one

Download the Charge Assist app.
Available for Android and iOS.

Step two

Use the map to navigate to the charger location.
Then select the charge point on the map, and scroll down to select which socket you'd like to connect to.

Step three

Plug in your vehicle and tap "Start Charging".
Use the app to track how much kWh you are using.

Charging for Staff/Fleet

Step one

Tap the iCS RFID Card on the front center black panel of the charge point.

Step two

Plug in the vehicle.
It may ask you to confirm the socket you'd like to use, press the silver button directly above the socket you'd like to use.

Step three

Once charging is complete, tap your card again.
Then unplug your vehicle.

Interested in getting your own public/staff/fleet charge point installed?

Get in touch below.