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Generation Optimizers

Be free from shading and presents from birds

Power optimizer module add-on

If one panel is shaded then it slows the entire system down. These optimizers simply bypass the slow panel, and carry on as normal. Optimizers are small black modules added to each of your solar panels, turning them into smart modules.

Solar panels become independent

The shading from one of your panels, will no longer affect the rest.

Comes with free online monitoring

Get free access to an online portal to view your generation from each panel, live, from your computer or phone app.

Get 100% accuracy and immediate trouble shooting.

Grow your investment

Grow your investment

Power optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each panel individually. We recommend optimizers to any solar PV system owner on the FiT and suffering from nearby tree or building shade, but we’ll let you know if they’re right for you after a free survey.

Great personal service

Free, honest and no obligation surveys

10 year warranty

On all products and installation workmanship


System health monitoring and cleaning services when you join our Care Club

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