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Renewable energy is the future

In the UK, electricity generation is responsible for a quarter of our carbon emissions

Solar PV

You might think the UK doesn’t get enough sun to make solar PV systems viable – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gwent Energy CIC designs bespoke systems to fit your needs, your budget and your space. We’ll never offer you something you don’t need.

We gently take you through the entire process; From assessing your demand and ways to improve your energy efficiency, organising your EPC, all the way to entering your first Feed in Tariff reading. If you’d like additional peace of mind for the years ahead, consider joining our Care Club.

With electricity prices set to continue rising for the foreseeable future, solar PV systems are now designed to closely match your energy consumption, rather than earn a good tariff income.

Our aim is to size your solar PV system to ensure you will use as much power generated as possible – we’ll try to fix your cost at less than 10p/kWh for the next 20 years. We don’t think that switching supplier every year can beat that!

No tariff? No problem. We guarantee to match your energy demands as best as possible.

Most properties need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of a Level D.

However if your site can’t achieve that, Gwent Energy CIC can still help you. Be sure to use one of the buttons below and we can explain further.

Great personal service

Free, honest and no obligation surveys

10 year warranty

On all products and installation workmanship


System health monitoring provided when you join our Care Club

MCS Accreditation

All installations independently certified by a third-party MCS accreditor



Battery storage systems to provide back up power or off-grid possibilities

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