Life changing technology

Store now, use later

Use your stored energy later in the evenings when you're back home from a busy day. Works for those with or without solar.

Protection from off-peak tariffs

Future-proof your bills from the upcoming smart meters and their time-of-use tariffs that will soon be introduced.

Free online monitoring

Our systems come with free online monitoring portals so you can check on your system from anywhere at anytime.

How does it work?


Your solar PV system begins generating and you use this energy while you’re making breakfast, catching up with the news and getting ready for the day. Then you head out.

While you're out

Your solar PV system is still generating but you’re not home to use it. A smart switch recognises this and diverts the energy to your battery system, gradually filling it up with power.

Maybe you'll come home for lunch

You can put the washing machine on, but your PV isn’t generating enough to cover the new power demand. The smart switch diverts power from the batteries and into your house to work in harmony with your solar. Your batteries are gradually emptied, and your washing machine has finished. You decide to use your computer for a few hours.

The sun is now out in full glory

Now your solar PV system is generating more than you need, so some goes to your computer and the smart switch starts refilling your batteries with this spare energy.

Dinner time

A few hours later, your family starts coming home and on goes your television, the phones and tablets are put on charge and you’re turning on the stove. The sun goes down, and the lights go on. Power from your solar PV system starts to wind down and now your smart switch wakes up again. It releases energy from your battery system to get you through your evening meal, and offsets the power you need from the national grid.