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Power your community

What could your community group do if it halved its electricity bill?

Pictured above: 8kW on Devauden Village Hall during the Village Fete 2016

Developing projects for communities is a key part of our company activities

We support over 30 community groups, facilities, clubs, churches, chapels and schools to make the best use of their resources by saving energy and money.

Our experience has taught us that every job is different, so we listen to your future goals and current activities then survey your site to review your energy usage and costs.

If your project is big or small, we can help

“We were greatly helped by the down to earth advice which Phil gave to us as we examined various options. Most importantly, there was no pressure.”

– Ms E Dykes, Nov 2017

Large roof and high demand for power?

For example, a 10.8kW PV system will cover an area of around 60m2, generate around 9,500kWh a year in South Wales (average of 26kWh per day) and typically starts at £9,980 + VAT including installation. If you can use at least 70% of the power generated, that’s the equivalent to fixing your electricity cost at less than 9p/kWh for the next 20 years. We’re confident that’s quite a lot less than what you’re paying now.*

*Solar irradiation information is available through a shared EU photovoltaic GIS database. This provides an estimate of the amount of power generated by a solar PV system at a given location. In South Wales that varies from about 870kWh to 1100kWh per annum for each kWp of solar PV installed, with variation largely depending on proximity to the coast. We’ve allowed for an average of 900kWh in the illustrations above. So the calculation for the 10.8kWp system is 10.8 x 900 = 9,720kWh; 70% of that is 6,825kWh; 6,825 x 20 years gives a total output of 136,500kWh. If you divide the typical cost of the system (inc. VAT) by the total output then £11,976/136,500 = £0.088, i.e. 8.8p/kWh.’


Sometimes, a solar PV system isn’t right for you and there are other energy saving measures or technologies which are more cost effective – and we’ll tell you that.

Battery storage could be a solution if you mostly use the building in the evenings.

We’ll show you the costs and returns to help your organization make an informed decision

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Community Solar PV Case Studies


Ebenezer Church

This community church installed 10kW of solar, 10kWh battery storage and revitalised their lighting system with energy efficient LED lighting.This made a huge difference in their energy bill, allowing them to offer many more community services.

Click here to read their story


Bridges Community Centre

This community centre in Monmouth holds our original 10kW community system. Now expanded to 15kW, their reduced bills mean they have more money for their other community projects – such as providing free local transport for some of the most vulnerable citizens in Monmouth.


Highfields Church

This large and active community church installed 24kW to cover the many different services they offer to low-income families in the local area.

We certainly had some gorgeous views on this four-storey high church!


Oakdale Community Centre

This community centre installed 4kW of high efficiency thin film, powering a well used safe and secury community centre and nursery in a low-income area.


SARA – Severn Area Rescue Association

This volunteer-run rescue association installed 4kW on their roof. Despite shading from the Severn Bridge, the optimizers on their system ensure every panel can work to its highest standard to recharge batteries for vital life-saving equipment.

And we’ll do more, thanks to support from people like you

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