Solar PV for your home

Systems to fit your needs, your budget and your space.

What can a Solar PV system do for you?

Cut your electricity bills

Sunlight is free. Once you've paid for the initial kit and installation, you're generating free electricity.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar does not release any harmful carbon dioxide, and on average, saves around 1.4 tonnes of carbon per year.

Prices for a typical residential installation are £960 per kWp, plus the cost of panels.

E.g a 3.54kWp PV system using 12 Perlight Delta 295W panels would be £2,160 + £3,360 + 5% VAT.
This would cost £5,796 in total.

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But how about now there is no Feed-in Tariff?

Today, solar is all about matching your energy consumption rather than earning a good tariff income.

Before, solar panels would be installed facing south.
Now, we install half your solar PV system on the east roof, and the other half on the west-roof.

This ensures the household gets more balanced energy generation for longer throughout the day.

What else can maximize the benefits of solar?


Trees and chimneys will cause shading, or if your panels are on different angles then our optimizers are worth considering.

Battery Storage

Save your power in the evening instead of exporting it and buying power back in from your supplier later.

Solar iBoosts

Excess solar energy can be diverted to your hot water tank, so you have hot water in the evening.

Since 2008 we've helped hundreds of people generate their own energy

Domestic Solar PV Case Studies


These two friendly neighbours do everything together – and that includes generate solar energy together.

We installed a double 4kW system, however one had to have thin film as the roof space was slightly smaller, but actually performs slightly better than its neighbour!


This 4kW solar PV system with matching battery storage, is Gwent Energy CIC’s pilot system help us research data on solar generation, storage and usage.

> Is battery storage right for you?


The homeowners already had a solar PV system so they could charge their electric Renault Twizy, but asked us for battery storage too so they could re-charge their vehicle at night instead.


This retired farmer wanted to pay less on his energy bills and claim the FiT, so asked us for a 4kW solar PV system.

Yew Tree Farm

This 4kW solar PV system, installed 2012, does not need cleaning because of its steep pitch, and is perfectly orientated south to fully utilise the FiT.

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