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Reduce your overheads by being in charge of your own electricity generation

Spending too much on your power?

Businesses need permanent cost-saving solutions to keep overheads down. The only real way to save money on energy is either not to use it, or generate your own.

If you have a big demand for power and a big roof or space available nearby, a 20kW solar PV system covers an area of around 120m2, generates about 18,000kWh a year in South Wales (c. 50kWh per day) and starts at £18,900 + VAT including installation.

That's the equivalent of fixing your energy cost at 8p/kWh for the next 20 years*

That’s probably less than you’re paying now, and with energy prices forecast to keep on rising, the differential will only improve.

*Solar irradiation information is available through a shared EU photovoltaic GIS database. This provides an estimate of the amount of power generated by a solar PV system at a given location. In South Wales that varies from about 870kWh to 1100kWh per annum for each kWp of solar PV installed, with variation largely depending on proximity to the coast. We’ve allowed for an average of 900kWh in the illustrations above. So the calculation for the 20kWp system is 20 x 900 = 18,000; 18,000kWh x 80% = 14,400kWh; This multiplied by 20 years gives a total output of 288,000kWh. If you divide the typical cost of the system (inc. VAT) by the total output then £22,680/288,000 = £0.009, i.e. 7.9p/kWh

We size the PV system to match your energy consumption

We’ll show you the cost options and returns to help you make an informed decision on whether it will work for your business.

SMEs Solar PV Case Studies

Mead Farm

A state of the art organic dairy farm, with a high energy consumption. Our 12kW of solar makes a difference. They can recharge their electric delivery van for free now!

Keepers Lodge Farm

A traditional dairy farm with 8kW to compliment their already existing wind turbine.

Fox and Hounds B&B

A beautiful local holiday cottage with 7kW of solar to compliment their biomass boiler.

Church Farm

We totally filled the roof of this diary farm with almost 100kW of solar.


A professional water treatment company with 10kW of solar and 15kWh of battery storage, to help power their office and provide blackout power.

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